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March 6, 2012

Winter week#7 Cast of Characters

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  • Winter Squash:  Here’s the last of the notable 2011 winter squash harvest.  Everyone gets a butternut squash, with a few gold-nugget squash thrown in for the large share folks.  Are you squashed out yet?  If so, try a cookie recipe.  If there’s squash in the cookies, they’re healthy, right?
  • Scallions:  We’ve been using these like miniature leeks, white and green part and all.  The effect is similar if the flavor is slightly different different.
  • Cabbage:  Slow cooked, until it is very soft, cabbage becomes a whole new vegetable.  Check out a recipe below.
  • Radishes: These radishes are called D’Avignon.  They’ve been catching the eyes of farmers and visitors alike for some weeks in the greenhouse.  And now they can catch your eyes too, hopefully on your plate.!
  • Turnip Greens:  We had high hopes for these hakurei turnips, that is until they began growing flower stalks instead of large succulent roots.  So instead of ‘turnips with greens’, I’m calling them ‘turnip rapini with small roots’.  Cook just like any pot green (although they are very tender), or like rapini.  Your choice!  The roots are still fine to eat, there just isn’t very much of them.
  • Salad Mix:  Can you identify all the components of this salad mix?  In here you should be able to find: golden frill mustard, red Russian kale, yukina savoy, spinach, purple and green mizuna, arugula, and claytonia.  Add some radishes and you’ll have a fine salad!

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