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March 13, 2012

Week #8 Cast of Characters

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  • Potatoes:  We’re back to red potatoes this week.
  • Leeks: 
  • Beets:  These beets overwintered in our fields this year, which is a first for us.  It’s because the winter was so mild.
  • Celeriac:
  • Spinach:  Like the beets, some of this spinach overwintered outside this year.  The bulk of it comes from the greenhouse, though.
  • Mizuna: This green serves double duty as a salad addition, or cook it as a green.  It’s tender, so it cooks very quickly.
  • Rapini:  This week’s rapini comes from our turnip planting that went to flower earlier than we’d hoped.  As a result you get flowering stalks instead of crunchy roots.  The whole thing is edible!
  • Radishes:  Cubed radishes are wonderful in miso soup.  Mizuna is great too, by the way.  Molly’s grandmother who is visiting this week claims that they’re also tasty sliced raw on a piece of good bread along with some cream cheese or spreadable goat cheese.  Enjoy!

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