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March 20, 2012

Week #9 Cast of characters

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  • Potatoes:  This week’s potatoes are good ‘ole German butterball.
  • Leeks:  These are smaller leeks this week as we go back through our beds to find enough for one last distribution.
  • Rutabaga: Ditto for rutabega
  • Cabbage:
  • Parsnips:  Check out a couple of exciting parsnip recipes below that everyone’s talking about. If you’re not a big fan of parsnips, sneaking them into mashed potatoes is a good option.
  • Collard greens:  Spring collards almost become a different vegetable in the spring.  Their new leaves are smaller and more tender than the leaves of fall.  As a result they don’t need to be cooked nearly as much.
  • Purple sprouting broccoli:
  • Greens mix:  This week’s mix features mache (corn salad), a green you’ve only been barely introduced to, in addition to arugula and some other mild mustards, and a few other things I found in the greenhouse.  This mix can be used as-is raw for a salad.  Alternatively, wilt it under a warm dressing, or even toss it in some hot pasta along with a little leek and garlic sautéed in olive oil, some chopped walnuts and a topping of parmesan cheese.   I’d recommend chopping it first however you eat it. 

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